Get Yer Fresh Error Messages! Fresh Error Messages!

March 18, 2010

I recently posted an example of an error message the utter uselessness of which continues to stun me.  And lo voices came from near and far to witness the increasing cacophony of utterly useless messages that programmers buried deeper than Dilbert in CubeLand somehow imagine are going to assist us as our MS Office Suite  amongst other collections crumbles to dissipated unit charges.  From a good friend and yet a programmer himself comes this gem:

Failed to obtain non-faulted channel before timeout expiration of 10000 milliseconds.  See inner exception for last exception caught in create channel loop.

And my own contribution today is this little beauty:-

The import and export command is not available. Run Outlook Setup again to configure import and export correctly.

Not lacking in the adventurous spirit I went looking for the Outlook Setup as directed. You guessed it, not available on this planet.

It’s not as if the companies that design and sell software are really short a few dollars and might decide that error messages should mean something to a larger user population instead of the three or four in each state currently ‘available’ (sic).

So, I appeal to you. Send me your weak, your sick, your mightily transgressive message and we’ll at least give it a more ‘open’ airing.


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