My S.S. Number is….

March 4, 2010

Not here, but surely identity thieves are always surprised at the amount of personal information people gladly make public in blogs like this one. I imagine an I.D. Thief crouched over his laptop just aching to know that one last piece of information that will make hacking into someones life a snip. Name of their first dog. Mothers middle initial. First car you bought-crashed-stole. Street where you grew up. Favorite ice cream flavor. Home town.

innocently enough you wrote all about these and hundreds of other clues that the thief can add to a patchwork of information about you and your increasingly vulnerable identity.

So, if you are reading this I do want you to know that when I was six I had a cat named Rufus who grew to be twenty when he was run over by a motorbike on the Autostrada del Sol. He liked the first of my Fathers wives more than the other four, but always slept with me in my tree house. The one that my uncle Spazmo made for me when I was living in Northern Herzegovina. I am not sure who my real Mother is/ was. Father never kept very good records of who conceived whom. Probably some tax avoidance thing. Those were the days. Oh and I forgot. My best friend in the whole world is called Meph. It’s short for Mephistopheles. He helps me with a lot of my unfulfilled wishes. Dont mess with him. He is really connected.


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