Medical Fashion Tips

February 24, 2010

Can anyone tell me when it became fashionable for Doctors to wear stethoscopes around their necks like a scarf, with the two earpieces drooping down one side and the business end on the other? My recollection of older (yes I am using that word) TV Medic shows is that this vital badge of authority used to be worn symmetrically, with the earpieces resting on either side of the neck and the always cold disc hanging in front rather like an elephant’s trunk, or popped into a convenient breast pocket. Has there been a dimensional  or weight distribution change in the device that would warrant this what looks to me unpractical and surely unreliable carry style? I do also remember that some physicians would carry their device tangled up in a white coat pocket, especially some of the females. I do expect that we will soon see in new TV Medical show yet more carry styles.

  • The straight drape, over the shoulder with earpieces in front and the disc in back, left or right shoulders allowed, but earpieces in back; never!
  • The waist band insert, where the earpieces are kept tucked into the waist band to keep them warm and the disc dangles freely. variations here take in the whole circumference of the waist, and the rather unsavory reverse waist band insert, which I will leave to your imagination.
  • The epaulette, where the earpieces are worn front and back gripping the shoulder and the disc dropped into a shirt or jacket pocket.

I feel certain that you can think of your own style, sanitary or not.

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