Hot and Cold Olympics

February 19, 2010

Ah! The Winter Olympics. Just like the Summer Olympics. Hours and hours of dreary advertising barely interrupted by circus acts on ice.  There is zero coverage of the few winter sports I like. Curling, Triathlon, Ice Javelin,Mammoth Wrestling and Glacier Round Up. And, as an ex field hockey player I find the ice-bound version ludicrous, not to mention meaninglessly violent. Readers may be interested to know that just as soccer and cricket are played by more humans around the world than football and baseball, so it is with field hockey over the frozen idea by a ratio of at least five to one. And lets face it, the Olympics, hot or cold is not about sport, it is about advertising revenues. When the Chinese finally get to control more advertising; as they surely will; I wonder what sports they will choose to interrupt that important retail message?

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