Trust Me, Michelin Can Be Wrong

February 16, 2010

Reading Elizabeth David’s “An Omelette and a Glass of Wine” while I am eating my own creation, “Truit Grillee au Thym” was perhaps not a good idea. At every mouthful I am reading of something perhaps better and available only by flying to a small town in the Ardeche or Normandy region of France. But I soldier on with the fingerling potatoes and asparagus I have chosen to accompany my piscine protein. The plate needed color but it was too late. The spendy Chablis I bought at Whole Foods redressed some of the balance and then; thank goodness, I also find that Ms. David had a nasty experience near Avignon in a one Michelin star establishment in the mid 1980s. Searching on the web for the offender I come across several web-sites that slam the Guide Michelin, especially the NYC and San Francisco editions. How are the mighty fallen? My challenge to anyone reading this is to come and eat with me here at my house and then; at their expense of course, will go to Avignon, Lyon, the Ardeche, Drome, Bresse, Marseille, and see if they are really doing it any better than serious cooks here in Oregon with locally grown produce. I have to go now. I am tasting some Cypress Grove Goat Cheese; Truffle Tremor. More later…au revoir.

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