Artichoke Music, a Portland Musical Community Institution

February 15, 2010

A big crowd gathered today at the Backgate Stage  at Artichoke Music to begin a plan / program to keep this Portland gem open.  A raft of performers kept the folks entertained. There are not enough places like Artichoke around. It’s not just a place to play, not just a venue, nor is it just another eclectic music store. It is a Portland institution and it is community in action. In times like these we need community more than ever. Places where everyone is welcome, truly welcome. I am not a ‘folkie’ and yet Artichoke Music and the Backgate Stage is part of my health plan (as someone shrewdly remarked today) and spiritual foundation. It is a “church” that I and many others use.  Check out the web-site and next time you need a pick, a string, guitar or ukulele lessons, or a song book, or even a guitar go down to 3130 SE Hawthorne Ave., and after a chat with Jim or Richard take a look at the performance space and see if your feet don’t start to itch. Artichoke needs some help right now, but if you go there, play there, listen there, and become part of the community it will pay you back in more than spades.


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