Flying Visit

February 2, 2010

I was working in the house on some forgettable task when I heard the loud thump outside on the deck. Living surrounded by very tall trees I did not think much about it. The trees are continuously dropping branches onto the house. Sometimes quite large pieces, like the one that neatly bisected my gas grill one windy February. It was not until the second thump, not sounding quite like the usual impact of arboreal debris, that I went out to see if there was any damage. The dog was tearing around whining. I looked up to make a visual inspection of the nearest trees when I saw it. An immense grey and black shape. Dark bat like wings that would span a trailer, talons a foot or more long, jaws held slightly ajar as its teeth held some struggling creature. In its narrow head red eyes glistened with hatred. It flew at tree top level, around and around the house. I could feel the wind its wings made and smell its foul breath, and the squealing of the soon to be devoured animal. Just then it soared higher, clasped the trunk of the largest Douglas Fir in my yard, turned upside down and hung there like a huge forty foot handbag. Blood from its kill dripped down onto my driveway. I turned and went into the house.

Later that evening we all sat outside on the deck enjoying our cocktails and talked about our visitor. It could easily be seen from where we sat, digesting its meal, as we anticipated ours.

It was then that I awoke from this dream and speculated what events, reading, food or unprocessed information had delivered this terrifying experience to my sleeping mind?

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