Mr. Jobs and his funny tablet

January 28, 2010

Nothing, for me at least, can give me as much sheer delight as walking into a book shop. It is not just that books are objects, that they are tactile, fragrant and possess mass. It is that because they have all these qualities that they have created a complete and wonderful creative world that deals with them. Shops, people, warehouses, paper companies, designers, and so on. And all of these have mass, presence and effect. I will continue to buy and fill my house with paper books. I will touch them every day. I will read something from them every day. I will be nourished by them not just for their words, but by their weight and feel and presence and smell in my life. I will not log in to read. I can easily leave that for another generation who can create their own world without me. Turn the physical page; that’s drama.


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