A Question About How We Sleep

January 18, 2010

Are you a duvet or sheet and blanket person? I wonder if this is one of those questions that divides the world into two passionately committed camps? Two camps who find each others preferences incomprehensible and seek out opportunities to make each other appear foolish or poorly informed.

I remember my own first duvet moment. After half a lifetime of sleeping beneath sheet and blanket I found myself as a guest at a friends house that was equipped entirely with duvets. I liked the snugly feeling of warmth that welcomed me and the curious lightness. I fell asleep quickly but awoke less than half an hour later from a nightmare in which I was trapped in sauna. Which was close to the case. I was drenched in sweat. No problem I thought as I threw off the duvet cooled off and returned to sleep. I awoke less than twenty minutes later from a nightmare in which I was walking across an ice flow in my underwear.  This dreadful cycle continued through the night. Duvet on, duvet off. Nightmare (a) followed by nightmare (b).  My host was puzzled by the irritable creature that greeted him that morning. Plainly he was on the other side of the divide. I still visit him, but sleep in the sheet-like cover of the duvet, rather like a sleeping sack, and use a few old blankets that he was about to give to Goodwill.  We dont speak about our differences. We like too many other things in common for his silly derangement to upset our friendship.


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