Patrick McGoohan vs. Sean Connery

January 17, 2010

Thank goodness for Netflicks. Without them I would not have discovered that Patrick McGoohan in his role as Danger Man a.k.a. John Drake actually drove an Aston Martin DB5 in at least one of the episodes in the first season, ‘View from the Villa’.  And so he beat Sean Connery to the punch by at least several years. This is of course in addition to the greater variety of plots and tight dialogue makes it addictive watching for me.

Now if only the BBC would release the tapes of Rupert Davies playing Maigret from the same time period to be sold on DVD. Michael Gambon is good in the nineties remake which one can buy or rent, but Davies set the standard to which all followers are inevitably compared and inevitably disappoint. There is some footage on YOUTUBE but hardly enough for a genuine fix.

There are many superb BBC productions that have not seen the light of day as rentable or buyable editions. Some were in fact sadly destroyed in the seventies and will never be seen unless in poor quality pirated version. As the memories of them fade and the staff of the BBC get relatively younger and less interested in the distant past we cannot expect much; unless we continue to ask why not? They cannot claim that the price of producing them is very high when any teenager with a standard computer can make movies. There must be many third-party distributors who would love to get their hands on these superb pieces of entertainment. They are certainly not making any money or friends for the BBC stuck where they are.

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