Fair Weather Friends

January 16, 2010

How quickly people turn. This time last year Barack Obama could not turn around without seeing a smiling face,  hearing a friendly word, receiving encouragement. Now, because he has not ended two inherited wars, closed Guantanamo, solved the inherited financial crisis, reinvented health care, and solved the global energy problem those same friends think he is a failure. 

What short memories they must have. George Bush was given eight years to do the colossal damage he did, doubling up on the laissez  faire years of Clinton and the previous republican disasters of the eighties and early nineties.  And Barack Obama is supposed to clean up this mountain of social and political ordure in one year? And he is supposed to do this with a thin congressional majority and an opposition that has no intention of cooperating on anything , but seems determined to make him fail without proposing any constructive measures themselves.

Is it this level of impatience that marks our times? We expect things to change just because we say so? We wont ourselves make any personal sacrifice to help? So it seems. It is a very sad time for America if this is really true.


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