A Business Marriage

January 16, 2010

I was reminded today by an old friend that a company we both worked for in the ’80s is in the process of buying another that I used to work for in the late ’70s and ’80s.  It was announced last summer and at the time it gave me a short-lived glow of satisfaction that I had actually predicted this event many years ago, and had often wondered why it had not happened sooner. From my lofty position as a field sales guy I felt I absolutely knew all the pros and cons of a deal that could only be in the billion dollar range. It was short-lived as I mentioned as I soon began to realize that thousands of others had exactly the same amazing insight. 

It also prompted to me to think of these two companies as they were in the days when I and my old friend knew them. Those weird analog days. Both companies took large gambles in hiring me and although I know I did well by them, I am not so certain they would say the same. I recall with amusement that when I worked for either one I regarded the other as the enemy, capable of spreading lies about my present companies products and services and so to be regarded with mistrust and suspicion.

I do not know where the takeover process is now, but I hope that Agilent (or as I knew it HP Analytical) does not regret its acquisition of Varian Instruments. And are Russell and Sigurd spinning in their graves?

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