Aqueous Revenge of the Pacific

January 6, 2010

The river near my house is rising, and it makes me feel very good. It means Oregon is Oregon again and we may have water for the next year.  And it is the kind of delivery system I prefer; well above 32 Deg. F.  It is so nice to know that those of us who have to be close to snow can be so in around an hour of driving east. On those rare January days when I can see the Cascades from the valley the white drapery is very pretty, even if it is clear-cut tree farms (please dont call them forests) that reflect the unusual light as well as the covered rock slopes of Hood and company.

My other vision of Oregon winter weather is that long ago many insults were hurled at the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific, ignoring its name, is retaliating year after year by hurling itself at the land from where those ancient insults came.  Aqueous revenge is long and unrelenting. Who were those ancients who so thoughtlessly maligned something so much more powerful than themselves? And what did they say to the ocean?

In the meantime I am happy to accept this gift of water; at least until the flooding begins!

Hooray for warm water from the sky!

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