Pineapple Express – I Love You

January 1, 2010

Earlier this week the City of Portland and its suburbs came to halt as a few inches of snow fell. The usual finger-pointing began. “The City should have foreseen this and been better prepared”. This usually from the folk who would outright refuse to vote for any increase in Public Works budget.

Most folk good-naturedly resigned themselves to a long ride or commute home. Of course the usual crop of “I have a huge four-wheel drive SUV/ Truck/ Tank” decided they were kings of the road and became even more of a menace than they usually are.

And now on New Years Eve we have a Pineapple Express refreshing our rivers and lakes with tepid water from the Pacific. Wonderful. At higher altitudes it will of course be good news to the “SchneeKinder”, unless the warmer air ventures too high up the slopes of the cascades.  In any case, this is my preferred weather. Oregon liquid sunshine.  That white frozen material is not good for temperate valley folk. Off to the mountains with you!

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