Two Short Poems

November 29, 2009

Here are two veryshort poems that were written almost on demand using in the first case the words, axe and shovel, and in the second case, first kiss and corn.

Maxwell’s Axe

 Maxwell’s axe is not as famous as his hammer

But properly used it cuts through existential claptrap

Faster than Wittgenstein’s even less famous shovel.

First Kiss

It was about six in the evening

Six in the evening when juvenile lust is tumescent

And Anne McKilroy made her lips available

To mine,

In the back of the choir outing charabanc

She did not mind the smell of corn beef

Lingering from my lunch time sandwich


One Response to “Two Short Poems”

  1. David Sterry said

    Corned beef after taste! I bet that memory runs deep. You owe Anne an apology. It’s never too late.

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