I Will Read Your Poem On My Show

September 24, 2009

On November 22 at 2.30 pm I will perform the fifth in a series of Cabaret Concerts featuring the songs of Jacques Brel, Tom Lehrer, Edith Piaf, Flanders & Swan and perhaps Kurt Weill. In between songs I read poetry and prose. And of course I can hear your attention fading already. But the poetry of Billy Collins, which I often read, is very accessible and humorous. If you listen to A Prairie Home Companion you will likely have heard the man himself reading. I do also read my own poetry; at least one example has been posted on this blog.

The venue for this show is the one I have used for the last four shows; The Recital Room at Sherman Clay Moe’s Pianos on 13th Ave in Portland, OR. A beautiful room and superb pianos. My accompanist is enchanted by the chance to play a Steinway.

 And here is a proposal. Send me a poem, a song, a prose piece. If I like it and it fits the show, I will perform it. Do not fear. I have a very good voice, in song and speech. In return I ask that you recommend my voice to other creative people who are scared of public appearances; or just not very good.

Need some proof? Go to YOUTUBE and search my name. I think you will be at the least amused.

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