September 30, 2009

Still struggling with what to serve at Aunt Lena’s Cucina book release Oct 14 at The Monkey and The Rat. What is Italian finger food?

My Personal Fruit Fly

September 26, 2009

It is September and my personal fruit fly has returned

From his long vacation,

And is happily perched on the rim of my wine glass

Polity hopping off whenever I reach for a sip,

Quietly resuming his place when I set down my glass.


I can hardly resent his microscopic intrusion

Especially when I find that he and a partner have ended

Their wandering keratinous lives

And are now jointly denting the meniscus of my economy class Chardonnay.







Copyright © 2009 Bob Sterry

September 25, 2009

Q5. What is the defiintion of Italian finger food? Give examples with wine recommendations.

On November 22 at 2.30 pm I will perform the fifth in a series of Cabaret Concerts featuring the songs of Jacques Brel, Tom Lehrer, Edith Piaf, Flanders & Swan and perhaps Kurt Weill. In between songs I read poetry and prose. And of course I can hear your attention fading already. But the poetry of Billy Collins, which I often read, is very accessible and humorous. If you listen to A Prairie Home Companion you will likely have heard the man himself reading. I do also read my own poetry; at least one example has been posted on this blog.

The venue for this show is the one I have used for the last four shows; The Recital Room at Sherman Clay Moe’s Pianos on 13th Ave in Portland, OR. A beautiful room and superb pianos. My accompanist is enchanted by the chance to play a Steinway.

 And here is a proposal. Send me a poem, a song, a prose piece. If I like it and it fits the show, I will perform it. Do not fear. I have a very good voice, in song and speech. In return I ask that you recommend my voice to other creative people who are scared of public appearances; or just not very good.

Need some proof? Go to YOUTUBE and search my name. I think you will be at the least amused.

September 23, 2009

Surfing at the very crest of a digital wave and mixing metaphors without even a link to a safety device…

The words above were sent via An internet service that sends text to any number of social media I select. Efficient perhaps, but it could make things boring if all my sites are saying (sic) the same thing….what say you?

September 5, 2009

Without any intention whatsoever I may have created a new exercise scheme that satisfies two needs, one physical and one intellectual. It worked like this. I park my car in a multistory lot close to the first gallery I want to visit on First Thursday in Portland. It is on Third and Alder. I spend forty five minutes at the gallery of Jay Clemens, Art on Thursday. Some new work by Barry Mack, LeslieAnn Butler, Sarah Goodenough and Susan O’Meara and Robert Gleason. More on their work some other time. A plate of cheese, crackers and crudités fuels me up for the walk to Sherman Clay on 13th and Davies, where I catch the last piece of the first half of a piano program from Susan Chan. Two chocolate chip cookies are the next intake for a shorter journey to Butters Gallery on Davis and fifth. I chat with Chris Butters about their display and the value of the $3 glass of wine. May be the cheapest in the ‘Pearl’. Its enough for me for one night and I march in a reflective mood up fifth to Alder, turn down to Third where my car awaits.

On the physical side I walked just under two and a half miles. On the intellectual side I met and spoke to four artists, one gallery owner, and three street folk. Two glasses of cheap wine were in the mix too. But on which side I will not say.

As I slid into my car perspiring lightly, I felt good. Not smug. No fist pumping gestures. Just glowing. An evening of art and exercise.

In the future I plan to work out my route with the need for physical exercise high in the process.  Join me anyone?