I Entertain…

Singer – Voice Over – Writer

Whether singing in my own show or with others, in recording or in my own writing, I  demonstrate the possibilities of transatlantic humor. Using the songs of Tom Lehrer to skewer America and the those of Flanders and Swann to pickle my own homeland,  I combine their effect to entertain and inform. In my writing, poetry or prose, I  occupy a literary space somewhere between Dave Barry and Alistair Cooke.

You can read some of  my short pieces by clicking on ‘Home’.

Voice Over

If your project needs mature, cultured British or London regional accents I am ready to record your material.

I Can Make Your Poetry Live

If you write poetry but are reluctant to read it in public, let me do it for you. I read my own work and that of famous writers in public, I will make your work sound the best it can. I bring a clear voice, confidence and theater, if needed, to your work.

Contact Bob by posting a comment with your email
or telephone number below.

Booking Bob for a concert, reading or to write a scathing indictment of your favorite target is easy to do and easy on the pocket-book or wallet, as he says.

4 Responses to “What I Do”

  1. bobsterry said

    Hi Bob,

    Just testing the system

  2. Anne-Louise Sterry said

    Thanks for your unique voice..

  3. Since your accent is apparently “received pronunciation” (RP) – you could be from almost anywhere in England. My ancestors were from Cheshire (Davenport) and Rimmington up by the Lancashire/Yorkshire border (Remington). My wife’s Eatoughs were from Whalley and Clitheroe, also up north. Where were you born and raised?

    • bobsterry said

      Hi Jerry,

      I am not sure about the RP assignation. My Father was a Geordie from the far NE and my Mother was a Kentish Maid from the river town of Gravesend. I grew up in Kent, but left the UK in 1973. I love my language for all its breadth and creativity, and even for the confusion it can cause.

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